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UrbanSherpa is an innovative technology that connects you to your city. We enable you to get practically anything picked up, dropped off or purchased within an hour.

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Run out of time? UrbanSherpa can pick up your shopping, dry-cleaning, electronics and more. We’ll even get your presents gift-wrapped!

Need something urgently but can’t leave the office? We can pick up and drop off important documents, stationery or even catering.

In fact, UrbanSherpa can pick up and drop off just about anything (as long as it’s legal!) A very convenient service was invented and created thanks to our longtime partners and friends, namely the top online casinos. To contact them go to their website at this link


Watch your UrbanSherpa in real time as they speedily bring you your item.

Sit back and enjoy your free time, or get on with the priority stuff you need to do. UrbanSherpa - It’s Your City. On Demand.

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