Your Product.
On Demand.

Our goal is to redefine the way people shop.

We provide a concierge pick up and drop off service that is fast, convenient and responsive to the demands of a busy lifestyle.

We seamlessly combine the technology of digital platforms through our custom apps and website with the convenience of an on-demand delivery infrastructure via our UrbanSherpas.

If you want your product in your customer's hands fast, then we can get it there.

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How Does It Work?

UrbanSherpa is a service like no other. Our technology connects a customer with any product in the city, regardless of the store's status with UrbanSherpa, or whether or not they deliver. Not only do we connect the customer with their desired product but also with the convenience of on-demand delivery.

Custom Sherping

UrbanSherpa unlocks the city and the possibilities of what a customer can order and get delivered, either online or through physical stores and restaurants.

Customers tell us what they want, from where and when they want it delivered - and we get it done - within an hour.

Merchant Partner Value Proposition

Merchants that partner will be given the ability to communicate delivery requests to UrbanSherpa directly, manage the inventory on the website and control both prices and their store hours on our digital platforms. UrbanSherpa operates 7 days a week.

Our API (application program interface) can also be integrated into your website automatically allowing your customers to access our UrbanSherpa service.

Real time GPS allows your customers to track their order from vendor to doorstep. We will also expose your brand to our database of avid users.

Now all of your products, both online and in physical stores are available on demand.

Impulse Buying -

The Holy Grail of Retail

Why deliver on demand?

Impulse Buying – Increases the conversion rate of shopping cart to purchase. Studies have shown that the delay of gratification makes us unhappy. Our technology removes this flaw in the buying system both for online and physical stores.

On demand delivery will advance UrbanSherpa's goal of helping retailers get a greater percentage of orders into the hands of their customers, fulfilling the holy grail of instant retail gratification at scale.

The UrbanSherpas

We provide technology that connects customers to an UrbanSherpa who offers a concierge pickup and dropoff service that is fast, convenient and responsive to the consumer's desires and demands. From accurate customer feedback to star ratings and contact details, we give you direct communication with deliverers you can trust. Want to know how close your item is? You can contact the Sherpa directly, or see their progress in real time tracking.

Our UrbanSherpas can also shop on behalf of your customers and will revolutionise the way people shop and receive goods.


UrbanSherpa has the ability to not only advertise our partners on our website, but also to generate e-commerce for retailers who do not offer this service.

Consumers can select UrbanSherpa as their preferred delivery service. As a result, retailers affiliated with our service will take preference to those that do not.

We are more than just a courier service – UrbanSherpa is a personalised concierge type experience that offers both convenience and reliability.

Both our brand and facilities are available to partners to boost sales and increase consumer bases.

Bottom Blocks

What Can we offer?

  • Advertising
  • Loyalty
  • Delivery 
  • Repeat business
  • E-commerce platform 
  • Service experience
  • New consumers
  • Convenience

When we piloted same-day delivery in eight markets initially last fall, we learned that our customers appreciate the additional option of having their purchase brought to their home or office in a matter of hours. It is an important part of our value proposition as an omnichannel retailer serving customers who shop our stores and websites whenever, wherever and however they prefer. - R.B. Harrison, Macy’s, Inc. Chief Omnichannel Officer.

In Store

  • Stickers
  • Loyalty / Business cards
  • Delivery bags and custom packaging

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